You Know You’re an Israhopper When

Shorty-George-ing across Rothschild blvd.
Credit: Itay Sisso –

Every scene has its own unique characteristics, and the Israeli swing community is no exception. We definitely have our fill of shared experiences and inside jokes. Here’s a checklist to see how much of a hardcore Israhopper you are:

  1. You sometimes wish you were around in the 1930’s… and on second thought you don’t
  2. You’ve been to electro swing parties at Milk/Bootleg/Dizengoff 99 and showed those hipsters how it’s done
  3. Your non-dancer friends know not to ask you out on Mondays or Thursdays… or Tuesdays… or Wednesdays…
  4. You know where to find suspenders and fake Keds in the Carmel market
  5. You’re on a first name basis with the cobbler on King George street
  6. You shop for clothes at the Dizengoff square vintage market, but always do a “can I swivel in this?” test before purchasing
  7. You felt proud when Sarah Breck compared Tel Aviv to Los Angeles on Facebook
  8. You’ve posted a swing out photo to the group “Dancing Lindy Hop in Odd Places
  9. There are highly liked pictures of you on top of the Azrieli towers
  10. Whenever you go by Habima square, Caravan Palace’s “Rock It for Me” starts playing in your head
  11. The word “bootcamp” makes you think of Yuval Hod, not your military service
  12. You were ecstatic when you heard that Cellcom moved out of downstairs Dizengoff center
  13. When a family member goes to the U.S. you ask for them to bring back shoes, not electronics
  14. You dream of a relocation to Europe so that you’ll have easy access to dance festivals
  15. Whenever you eat gummy bears you reflexively start bouncing
  16. You know that cauliflower tastes best when it’s in a pita and it’s past 1 am
  17. Red Beans” isn’t food, “Sidewalk” isn’t to be walked on and “New Orleans” isn’t just a city (it’s also a Chocolate Factory!)
  18. You know exactly where to go when a band says they’ll be playing on the boulevard
  19. You felt that you contributed to world peace in some small way by going to Ali & Katja’s workshop
  20. When at a wedding, you secretly wait for the DJ to play “Great Balls of Fire” or “Mambo no. 5”, and then you die a little inside when you realize that this is what it’s come to
  21. You’ve swing danced to a Sarit Hadad song (probably at aforementioned wedding, after a few too many shots)
  22. You’re so bad-ass, even rocket sirens won’t stop you from going dancing

So, how many are true about you? I’m sure there are plenty more that I haven’t thought of – please add your own!


12 thoughts on “You Know You’re an Israhopper When

  1. “You were ecstatic when you heard that Cellcom moved out of downstairs Dizengoff center” – LOL!!!
    17/22 on the Israhopper scale ; )

  2. 23. You go to a street party in the middle of the winter
    24. You write the exact same post in TWO fb groups to address the same group of people
    25. You go to a street party in the middle of the summer, and immediately recognize the boundries of your dance area by the shadows of the trees. Either that or you dance for a song or two and wish you could go down to hell so you could be in a cooler place

  3. Thumbs Up 🙂

    I got another one (just happened to me)
    27. When you watch a youtube video of some jazz street performers and there aren’t any hoppers to accompany them… you die a little inside.

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