Pink Dance Shoes is a swing dancing blog written by me, Maya Shapira. It draws from my personal experiences as a Lindy Hop and Blues dancer, on the dance floor and off.


Credit: Julia Sorin

Credit: Julia Sorin

Dance of various forms has been a constant in my life from a very young age, but Swing is the one that took hold of my heart without any sign of ever letting go. It seems that the more I put into it, the more I love it and want to do even more to improve. I’ve never had this level of commitment with any hobby before, and so it’s become much more than that to me. Following a lot of hard work, I also became an instructor at Holy Lindy Land.

I started this blog as a place for me to write, knowing that having it available for others to read would give me discipline about keeping it up and doing my best with it. I chose to write about dance specifically because I see it as an important part of my life and it is what I am most passionate about. Honestly, I’d still write even if nobody ever read it as it serves as a journal of sorts and a way to remember my experiences with dancing. Nonetheless, I’m happy to share my thoughts and am thankful for anyone taking the time to read them.

Why the name Pink Dance Shoes? Read When a 5-Year-Old Chooses Your Dance Shoes.

I also run Swing Dance Israel, the one stop site for all Swing events in Israel. It lists all classes, parties, festivals, workshops and live music events; by all organizers and dance schools.


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  1. We remember when you were 5 years old and we have the identical picture. What a great idea to combine your love of dancing and your gift of writing

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