Holy Lindy Land

If you’re looking for a place for swing dancing in Israel, Holy Lindy Land is definitely the place. The organization was founded in 2007 by a group of devoted swing dancers out of pure love for the dance. Their goal was to build a swing dance community in Israel. This is where I grew up as a Lindy Hopper and became part of the team in 2012.

Holy Lindy Land

The school is all about vintage dances – swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, blues, Balboa and more. The Holy Lindy Land instructor team consists of highly trained and experienced dancers and teachers. Team members constantly work on improving their dancing and teaching skills, learning from worldwide top masters of the field. In addition, several of the team members travel to Europe to teach in international events.

The Thursday night swing parties in Tel Aviv are my favorite way to begin the weekend – fun dances, friendly faces and great music. They happen weekly at 11:00 pm at Bikure’i Ha’etim (Heftman 6, Tel Aviv).

Right before the party on Thursdays, there 4 or 5 different classes to choose from, starting at 8:15 pm.  Classes at Holy Lindy Land balance between teaching the best technique possible and a fun and friendly environment, all while dedicating personal attention to the students.

On Tuesdays we have more classes from 8:00 pm, including Balboa classes.

There are also special events like street parties and live music to dance to that are a lot of fun, so there’s plenty for a swing dancer to do in Tel Aviv.

If you’re in Jerusalem– there are classes every Monday from 7:30 pm followed by a party at the Tarbut Amim Center (Emek Refaim 12, Jerusalem).

We’re also in the north! There are classes in Haifa at the The Hecht Center (HaNasi Blvd 142, Haifa) every Saturday from 8:00 pm, followed by a party.

For the full list of available classes, check out our course system.

A good way to stay updated on all of this information is to join Holy Lindy Land’s Facebook group. Another option is to get in touch via email: info@holylindyland.com.


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