Shortnin’ Bread – The Holy Lindy Land Sisters

A cabaret routine by the Holy Lindy Land sisters: Shirley Osher, Lilaj Feiguin, Yana Meystelman and Maya Shapira.¬†Performed at the Glam Jam Showcase Ball, choreographed by Shirley Osher and Lilaj Feiguin. Music by the Andrews Sisters – Shortnin’ Bread.

For more performances by teachers and students of Holy Lindy Land, check out Holy Lindy Land’s YouTube channel.


“I Wanna Be Like You” Routine

Eran Tobi and I performed a choreography we built especially for Holy Lindy Land’s Spotlight Ball.

We didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, so we decided to keep things fairly simple and try to make something that was fun for us and hopefully, fun to watch.